About Us

Good Fellows Auto Group

We are a growing company working steadily to retain our company, family oriented roots. At Good Fellows Auto Group, we recognize the importance of a good service and work hard to delcariver it to all our customers.

Throughout the company, thereis continued personal commitment to customer satisfaction. Nothing is more satisfying than the thank you notes we receive from those that have done business with us. As we look to what the future holds, Good Fellows Auto Group has aggressive plans to meet the ever-changing and growing storage expectations and needs of our consumers. We will continue to challenge ourselves to further build the company through innovation, yet do so in a way consistent with our values and our heritage. Over the next years, we look forward to doing so with passion and enthusiasm – with strong roots in the past and our eyes on the future.

Over our last years as a corporation, we feel we are still fundamentally the same company and business we started as; a family business that cares about our people and the larger community in which we all live in and we stick to our word that:


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