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What Does Prime Rate Have To Do With Car Loan

What Does the Prime Rate Have to Do With a Car Loan?

Everything runs on credit. In fact, for the majority of us, there are no major purchases we can make that won’t utilize some form of credit. For this reason, your credit score can be considered an integral part of your identity. It is how companies evaluate you as a consumer and how lenders gauge your […]

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Monthly Income Requirements Car Loan

Monthly Income Requirements for a Car Loan

Most people understand how important a credit score is when applying for a car loan, but many do not consider how important their monthly income is as well. When a lender looks at your loan application, they review your credit, but will also only approve a loan equal to the amount that you are realistically […]

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What To Expect When Financing A Car

What to Expect When Financing a Car

There are a lot of things to research before buying a car. One of those things is your financing options. In Canada, car financing is not as hard to understand as you may think. The requirements are generally the same all over the country, which makes this financing guide by GFA Financing easy to understand […]

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Car Financing Advice For The Toronto Area

Car Financing Advice for the Toronto Area

Are you in the market for a car loan? GFA Financing is here to help. We have a large assortment of quality used cars for you to choose from and can extend financing to match. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, we have exceptional loan packages to meet your needs. Securing an […]

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Auto Loan After Bankruptcy

Auto Loan After Bankruptcy

We have all been there facing financial troubles, and in some cases it is true that bankruptcy is the best option. However, you must pick yourself up and keep going. In order to keep moving forward sometimes this includes getting a new vehicle.  Trying to get a car loan after bankruptcy is not as impossible […]

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How To Get An Auto Loan With No Credit

How to Get an Auto Loan with No Credit

Just because you don’t have any credit, doesn’t eliminate the fact that you need a car. Having no credit can be very hard, especially if you are looking for a no credit auto loan. Whether you’re a young adult just starting out on your credit journey, or if you are new to the country – […]

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How To Get Good Credit Auto Loan

How to Make Sure You Get a Good Credit Auto Loan

Finding the perfect vehicle for you can be an exciting, but sometimes difficult task. There are many questions to ask yourself before actually purchasing the vehicle. First, you need to figure out what vehicle would best suit you and your lifestyle. For example, will you be on the road for long periods of time and […]

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Tips On Car Loans For Students

Tips on Car Loans for Students

Students live their lives in a state of flux, but there comes a time when they transition from being a school kid into a productive adult. During this time is the best opportunity to give them the tools they need to excel in work and in life. If you live in Toronto, one of those […]

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Tips Guidelines Canadian Used Car Loan

Tips and Guidelines for Canadian Used Car Loan

Not everyone is able to finance a new car in Canada, so purchasing a used vehicle is often the norm. When you buy a used car, you have the peace of mind of owning reliable transportation without the headache of worrying about how expensive a brand new automobile is. If you are in the market […]

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Find Bad Credit Car Loan Trust

Find a Bad Credit Car Loan You Can Trust

We know that if you have bad credit it can seem impossible to get a car loan. However, there are some instances where even if you have bad credit, you will still be able to get a car loan. Sometimes when getting a bad credit car loan in Toronto, it may seem too good to […]

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