Auto Loan After Bankruptcy

Auto Loan After Bankruptcy

We have all been there facing financial troubles, and in some cases it is true that bankruptcy is the best option. However, you must pick yourself up and keep going. In order to keep moving forward sometimes this includes getting a new vehicle.  Trying to get a car loan after bankruptcy is not as impossible as one may think. In fact, there are quite a few lenders that offer this, but the trouble is finding the right one for you. Don’t worry because we have created a number of tips to ensure you are able to get the right car loan.

Be Realistic

Even in the best possible cases it is easy to get down in the dumps when trying to get a car loan. However, it is important to not get discouraged, and to be realistic with your circumstances. You will not be getting the same car loan as before your bankruptcy, so it is important to be aware of the new terms.

Create a Budget

Before even going to a showroom it is ideal to see how much money you can afford a month on a vehicle. It is good to decide which car is best for you based on this. It is nice to know that at Good Fellows Auto we have the best prices, so you could be walking out of our showroom with your dream car!

Find the Right Dealership

Not every car dealership is willing to give a car loan after bankruptcy, so it is important to do your research before to find one that does. Here at Good Fellows Auto we have helped people with all kinds of credit situations – bad credit, no credit we got you covered!

Contact Us

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